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Learner Demonstrated

Purpose: To allow students to progress through math learning at a pace which fits their needs Notes: This board is up at all times in this math classroom. Students move their name through the squares as they progress through different lessons. Students can use this to look for peers who can help them, and teachers Read more »

Math Progress Tracking Board

Purpose: To give students a place to log the evidence they have to show their growth in different personal and academic skills Notes: In this class, students are given a list of different academic skills (e.g writing a claim, supporting with evidence) and personal skills (e.g. teamwork, organization) at the start of the year. Over Read more »

Learner Focused

Purpose: To help students prepare for and lead their regular one on one checkins with a teacher Notes: In this classroom the students are asked to write a short letter before every conference as a way of thinking through their recent experiences at school. They are required to bring several artifacts that illustrate their progress Read more »

Bookmark Student Led Conference

Purpose: To gather information about students that can be shared and used to inform instruction Notes: This should be a living document that is continually updated, and is ideally shared by all teachers who work with the same group of students. The columns in the document can be changed to fit the kind of information Read more »

Purpose: Making a plan for what data and information will be used, why it will be used, and how it will be gathered, in order to better meet student needs and inform instructional design and moves. Notes: The first two pages are a place to list out all pieces of data and information that are Read more »

Learner Led

Purpose: To support growth of independent student problem-solving skills Notes: Students in this classroom are encouraged to try three different sources of information before asking a teacher to help them solve a problem or answer questions. To aid students, they are given this guide to remind them of places they can go to get the Read more »

Three Before Me Guide

Purpose: To give students a tool for planning their work time for the week, and have a place to reflect and goal set. Notes: Students use this menu on Mondays to make a plan for the week. Students select “Teacher Time” or “Independent Practice” based on a pre-assessment that they take on Mondays before making Read more »

Student Choice Menu

Purpose: To give students ownership of how they will practice different skills at different levels of rigor. Notes: Students are given this menu on a Monday and have a week to complete the work. Students have to make a work plan for the week when they get the menu, and during this time the teacher Read more »