Co-designing their learning experiences

Collaborate with learners to develop standards-aligned activities to meet their learning goals
Example: At the start of the week, learners complete a shared online document that outlines their proposed activities for the week. The teacher reviews the plans and provides guidance as necessary.

Allow learners to choose their best learning place and medium to work on their goal
Example: During an ELA block, two teachers open up their doors and create one quiet and one “active conversation” room that students can choose between for their work.

Enable learners to choose with whom to work based on goals and needed expertise
Example: A class creates a peer working group and identifies adult mentors for their upcoming projects.

Support learners to use their reflections in the development of their next learning goal
Example: A teacher holds one-on-one conferences with learners every two weeks to review their reflections on their progress and co-design their next learning goals.

Empower learners to choose their own approach to learning a new concept
Example: A teacher empowers her learners to choose between 10-blocks, tallies or other mediums for learners to practice their math.