Engaging in real-world experiences to develop academic knowledge, community engagement, workplace experience and global citizenship

Establish public blogs for sharing of learner work to an expanded audience
Example: A teacher creates and co-manages a single classroom blog that showcases outstanding learner work with parents and the public.

Help learners plan experiences that reflect and expand their personal identity, values, and family backgrounds
Example: A teacher helps a student who is a recent immigrant volunteer at different cultural activities around the community.

Create forums for public performances and authentic final products
Example: Teachers guide learners through “problem-based” projects that produce solutions for needs in their neighborhood.

Include working professionals as advisors or establish an advisory committee on the overall curriculum
Example: Teachers partner with parents that are healthcare professionals to inform their STEM curriculum.

Co-design opportunities with learners for advocacy and independent study in the workplace, community, and online
Example: Teachers partner with advocacy groups and connect learners with those that match their interests.