Advancing personal opportunities through connections

Provide an online database of sites and partners to learners to enable self-discovery and proactive habits
Example: Teachers in the department actively curate a list of local and national partners aligned with their curriculum that is shared with learners.

Develop rubrics to guide habits and reflection of social intelligence
Example: A team of teachers co-develop a rubric for expected social skills and empathy skills that learners are assessed and coached on regularly.

Connect learners to social networks of peers and others with shared interest (affinity groups)
Example: A teacher connects an interested learner to a trusted neighborhood group focused on urban planning.

Model skills to locate and manage social connections and proper responses in professional world
Example: A teacher incorporates lessons of professional networking to learners prior to the start of a cross-school collaboration project.

Integrate interviews and other workplace habits and protocols into regular class habits
Example: A teacher designs a team-based project and has learners interview to be part of different teams, versus being automatically assigned.