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Core Components

Core Component

Learner Connected: Learning transcends location in relevant and valued ways, connected to families, educators, communities and networks

Elements of Learner Connected

  • Collaborate with peers, family, educators and others
  • Cultivate meaningful relationships
  • Advance personal opportunities through connections
  • Engage in real-world experiences through multiple mediums to develop:
    • Academic skills & knowledge
    • Community & civic engagement
    • Workplace experience
    • Global citizenship
  • Earn valued recognition for all demonstrated competencies (regardless of where and when it happens)
Strategies for being Learner Connected
Core Component

Learner Focused: Empower learners to understand their needs, strengths, interests and approaches to learning

Elements of Learner Focused

  • Develop a deep understanding of needs, interests and strengths around:
    • Academics
    • Health & wellness
    • Social-emotional development
    • Culture & language
    • Living situation
    • Cognitive skills
  • Experience learning that is relevant, contextualized and designed for their individual needs, interests and strengths
Strategies for being Learner Focused
Core Component

Learner Demonstrated: Enable learners to progress at their own pace based on demonstrated competencies

Elements of Learner Demonstrated

  • Begin at a level appropriate to their prior knowledge and learning needs
  • Engage in productive struggle
  • Progress at a pace that fits their learning needs
  • Demonstrate competency when ready
  • Demonstrate evidence of learning in multiple ways
  • Receive recognition based on demonstrated competency, not seat time


Strategies for being Learner Demonstrated
Core Component

Learner Led: Entrust learners to take ownership of their learning

Elements of Learner Led

  • Co-design their learning experiences
  • Articulate their interests, strengths and needs
  • Assess, monitor and reflect on their own progress
  • Partner in setting their learning goals and plans
  • Advocate for needed support from teachers, peers, technology and other sources
Strategies for being Learner Led